611.05 Income of Disqualified Individuals (FAM)

SR 11-30 Dated 07/11

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Individuals sanctioned for failure to comply with Child Support or NHEP work requirements, including voluntary quit, are not disqualified individuals.

Calculate the income of individuals who are penalized for intentional program violations as follows:

Disqualify *FANF caseheads who are adjudicated as intentional program violators. Count the income and resources of intentional program violators as 100% available deemed income (ADI) and 100% available deemed resources (ADR) to the children in the *FANF case.

• Calculate the disqualified individuals net earned income without applying employment-related disregards and deductions.

- Allow other deductions listed in Part 603, Deductions and Disregards. The resulting net earned income is the available deemed income and is treated as unearned income to the eligible case members.

- When computing eligibility, see Section611.01, Computing Eligibility, use the available deemed income in the calculations. Add the ADI to other unearned income in each step of the calculations that requires unearned income.