Table A.1: FANF Shelter Allowance (FAM)

SR 10-07 Dated 02/10

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Privately Owned Home

Individual pays at least some of allowable housing expenses.

• If payment made to an absent spouse: see rental.

• If no payment made: see provided shelter.


Allow expenses such as mortgage, lot rent, mandatory condominium fees, taxes, fire or structure, insurance.

Do not allow upkeep, water or sewerage fees.

Unsubsidized Housing


Documentation proving ownership:

• copy of mortgage or deed;

• bills or receipts for mortgage,

• taxes, insurance, etc.;

• statement from attorney, lending institution, individual who shares liability, etc., giving extent of liability


Rental (private)

Individual agrees verbally or in writing to a fixed payment to live in home or apartment.



Conventional Public Housing

HUD administered, managed locally.

Subsidized Housing


HUD 236 Housing


Subsidized Housing


Same as for rental.


Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly Section 8)


Subsidized Housing.



• Housing or rent subsidy type; and

• GFC/TTP if deep subsidy.


Shared Expenses


Unsubsidized Housing


A signed and dated explanation from person providing or sharing explaining arrangement and costs.



Lodging only.

Unsubsidized Housing


Same as for shared shelter




Allow the difference between monthly boarding cost and food stamp maximum allotment for assistance group size as shelter cost.

Unsubsidized Housing


Same as for shared shelter.


Provided Shelter


Statement for individual providing shelter as to arrangement.


Town/City Welfare Pays for Shelter


Parent or Caretaker Relative not included


• If the assistance group is charged for shelter, treat as rooming or boarding as appropriate.

• If the parent/caretaker relative is prohibited from receiving a FANF grant, allow shelter costs up to the maximum.

• If the assistance group is not charged for shelter, treat as provided.


Verify as rooming or boarding as appropriate.



Verify as rental.