203.09 Interim Disabled Parent (IDP) (FAM)

SR 14-04 Dated 01/14

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IDP financial *assistance is available to eligible one and two-parent families where at least one parent has a verified disability. Eligibility requirements align with TANF financial assistance.

Verified Disability

To be eligible for IDP assistance, at least one parent must:

• be receiving APTD/ANB;

• be receiving SSDI/SSI (but all parents in the household cannot receive SSDI/SSI);

• be determined exempt from participation in NHEP work activities due to a medical-related issue; or

• be determined incapacitated by providing a completed DFA Form 720, Determination of Incapacity Status, (two-parent families only).

Assistance groups are not eligible for IDP but instead receive financial *assistance through the Family Assistance Program (FAP) when:

• All adults are receiving SSDI, SSI, or Veterans Administration benefits with a disability rating of 80% or more; or

• A relative other than a parent, who is not receiving assistance, is caring for the dependant child.