315.01 Definition of Voluntary Quit (FAM)

SR 11-30 Dated 07/11

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Voluntary quit provisions:

• apply to each applicant for, or recipient of, *FANF financial assistance,who voluntarily quits a job without good cause; but

• do not apply to applicants or recipients of FAP financial assistance.*

An individual is considered to have voluntarily quit employment when that individual:

• quits a job of at least 20 hours a week, within 60 days of applying for assistance;

• quits without good cause a job while on assistance;

• fails to report to work without good cause, while on assistance, resulting in the termination of the individual from employment; or

• refuses to accept a suitable job offer while receiving *FANF financial assistance.

Voluntary quit policy does not apply when one of the following occurs:

• an individual was fired or resigns at the request of an employer because that person cannot meet the employers work productivity standard; or

• an individual under the age of 60 resigns and the employer recognizes the resignation as retirement.

See also Section 315.03, Good Cause for Voluntary Quit.

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