315.03 Good Cause for Voluntary Quit (FAM)

SR 02-03 Dated 04/02

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Good cause for quitting, losing, or refusing employment exists when:

• there is discrimination by an employer based on age, race, sex, color, physical or mental disability, religious beliefs, national origin, or political beliefs;

• unreasonable health and safety risks made continued employment impossible;

• the rate of pay was less than minimum wage, or there is a net loss of income. (See Section 808;31, Compliance Requirements, for good cause related to net loss of income);

• the job becomes or turns out to be unsuitable, for example, because the distance from the individuals home to the job is more than a 2 hour round trip or the individual is physically or mentally unfit to perform the job;

• the individual or family member is accepted for enrollment of at least half-time in any recognized school, employment training program, or institution of higher education;

• the job is subject to seasonal patterns of employment or frequent job changes such as construction;

• a situation beyond the individuals control made continued employment impracticable, such as a household emergency, the illness/incapacity/disability of the individual or another household member requiring the individuals presence in the home, lack of transportation, or lack of adequate child care. See Section 808;31, Compliance Requirements, for good cause reasons related to inadequate child care;

• acceptance of a job offer is subsequently withdrawn, results in employment of less than 20 hours a week, or results in weekly earnings of less than the state or federal hourly minimum wage; and

• resignation by a person under age 60 is recognized by the employer as retirement.