SR 15-23 Dated 09/15

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Each child for whom the individual requests NH Child Care Scholarship must be under age 13.

There are 4 age categories for NH Child Care Scholarship:

• Infants: birth to 17 months;

• Toddlers: 18 months to 35 months;

• Pre-School and Kindergarten: 36 months to 78 months (6 ½ years); and

• School age: 79 months to 155 months (up to the day before the childs 13th birthday).

Exception: Children age 13 or over but under age 18 are eligible if the child is experiencing a significant special need* whose condition limits the child’s ability to care for him/herself or he/she would cause harm to him/herself or others without supervision. See PART 941 for additional information regarding *differential payment for a child experiencing a significant special need.

The payment rate automatically changes the Monday following the child's change in age category.


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