SR 12-19 Dated 11/12

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There are four types of child care providers:

• Licensed Child Care Center;

• Licensed Family Child Care;

• License-Exempt Family (caring for 3 or fewer children); and

• License-Exempt Center (including school-based after-school programs, and recreational programs).

All child care providers must:

• have a valid written agreement with the Department to provide child care services to eligible individuals and to bill the Department directly for those services;

• allow parents access to their children at all times;

• meet all licensing requirements under state law; and

• meet Department policy specified in the General Manual, Items 42 and 43.

Licensed providers must:

• possess a valid NH license from the Office of Program Support, Bureau of Child Care Licensing; and

• have a written agreement with the Department on Form 2632, Child Care And Development Fund Scholarship, Child Care Provider Agreement: Licensed Child Care.

License-Exempt providers must meet all of the following criteria:

• be someone other than a parent of the child;

• be age 16 or older;

• be residing somewhere other than in the childs home;

• care for 3 or fewer children, other than their own, in a private home, or meet other exemption criteria as specified in RSA 170E;

• be enrolled and registered with the Department; and

• have a written agreement with the Department on Form 2631, Child Care and Development Fund Scholarship, Child Care Provider Agreement: License-exempt Child Care.

If an individual wants to use the services of a license-exempt provider, do the following:

1. Determine if the provider is enrolled and registered. If so, give the registration number to the individual.

2. If the provider is not enrolled and registered, then inform the individual that:

- the provider must be enrolled and registered, and

- the provider must complete both CDB Form *2620, Provider Enrollment and Registration Form, and Form AW9, Alternate W9 Form CIS, and send the completed forms to the Data Management Unit (DMU).

3. Ensure that the individuals child is allowed to receive NH Child Care Scholarship and receive services from this type of provider. See the exceptions listed in PART 943, PAYMENT FOR PROVIDER SERVICES.

Disqualification of Child Care Providers from Participation as an Enrolled DHHS Provider

A child care provider is disqualified from provider enrollment for a period of 5 years, if:

• convicted of fraud by the court;

• found to have committed fraud by the Office Of Special Investigations (OSI);

• made false or misleading statements to DHHS; or

• the providers child care license was denied or revoked for making false and misleading statements.