SR 13-24 Dated 07/13

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Payment for child care services is made as a reimbursement directly to the provider (Provider Payment method). The Department incurs no financial liability for any amounts beyond the amount of the Departments payment.

The Department reimburses the provider for the actual amount of expenses incurred, as charged by the provider to private rate families, or the NH Child Care Standard Rate, whichever is lower, minus the childs portion of the familys cost share. Families are responsible for paying the provider for costs which exceed the amount of the Departments payment, if the provider chooses to charge the family this extra amount. This extra amount that the provider may or may not choose to charge families is called the provider co-pay.

Before the Department issues a payment for provider services, all of the following criteria must be met:

• The family has applied and been determined eligible for NH Child Care Scholarship.

• The child care service has already been provided.

• The provider has been registered and enrolled for payment. To enroll a provider, the Data Management Unit (DMU) requires:

- A completed CDB Form 2620, Provider Enrollment and Registration Form, for each provider that is not currently enrolled and registered; and.

- A completed Form AW-9, Alternate W-9 Form CIS, for each provider who is not currently enrolled for payment.

• The family has submitted a completed CDB Form 2530, Provider Verification Form, for each child.

• The family and provider have completed and signed CDB Form 2500, Child Care Payment Request Invoice, for each child for each week of service.

• The family or provider has, no later than 90 days following the last date of service listed on the invoice, submitted CDB Form 2500 to the following address:

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

Data Management Unit

P.O. Box 2000

Concord, NH 03302-2000.

• The provider must correct and resubmit any incorrect, incomplete, or illegible invoices that are returned by the DMU.

• The invoice must not include any additional fees or costs for nonchild care services.


• If there is no payment to a provider for dates of service rendered in the last 90 days, there will be an automatic termination of the NH Child Care Scholarship for that child. If the family has no other children linked to a provider who is billing and receiving payments for services rendered, the family eligibility for the NH Child Care Scholarship will end. The scholarship will terminate at the end of the 10-day ANP. When a parent receives a closing notice for this reason, the parent may submit a new Form 2530 for the same provider or a new provider, but must provide that Form within the 10-day ANP. The link with the new or same provider can only be activated starting the day that the new Form 2530 is received and only services provided from that day forward are eligible for payment. The Department will not pay for any services in any of the 90 days that caused the termination notice. If the parent provides the Form 2530 AFTER the 10-day ANP has expired, child care assistance will have closed and the family must reapply for assistance. Upon reapplication, if the family is not receiving FANF cash assistance but is otherwise eligible for a NH Child Care Scholarship, the child will be placed on the wait list with the position on the wait list determined by the date of the new application.

• Families who are income-eligible for NH Child Care Scholarship at Step 6 or 7 can only receive a NH Child Care Scholarship if their child or children receive services from a Licensed Child Care Center or Licensed Family Child Care provider. If the familys child or children receive child care services from a License-Exempt Family or License-Exempt Center provider, the NH Child Care Scholarship will either terminate or deny, and the provider will not be paid for their services. The family will be responsible for any costs incurred.

• A child under the age of *72 months cannot receive NH Child Care Scholarship if the child receive child care services in a License-Exempt Center. Any costs incurred by a License-Exempt Center provider for services provided to a child under *72 months will not be paid by the Department. The family will be responsible for any costs incurred.