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Abuse - Neglect - Protection Services - Children
Accounts Payable-Receivable
Acquired Brain Disorder
Administrative Boards
Administrative Rulemaking
Adoption-Foster Care
Adult Day Care Licensing
Adult Immunization Campaign
Adults - Disability
After School Care Licensing
Aid to the Needy Blind
Alcohol Abuse
Appeals - Grievances - Fair Hearings
Apply for Medicaid
APTD - Aid to Permanently & Totally Disabled
Arboviral Illness
Assisted Living - Seniors & Adults
Asthma Control
Avian Flu
Avian Flu, H7N9

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Behavioral Health
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
Berlin District Office
Beverage & Bottled Water Inspection & Licensing
Billing and Collection Services
Birth Data Analysis
Blind, Disabled & Seniors Cash Programs
Boards - Administrative
Brain Disorder - Disability
Breast & Cervical Cancer Program
Breastfeeding Promotion & Support
Business Operations

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Cancer Control Program, NH, Comprehensive
Cancer Data Analysis

Cannabis Program, Therapeutic Use of
Careers - DHHS Jobs
Caregivers - Seniors & Adults
Cash Assistance
Certificate of Need
Cervical & Breast Cancer Program
Chemistry Services
Child Abuse - Neglect - Protection Services
Child Care Certifications & Credentialing
Child Care Licensing
Child Care Programs
Child Development
Child Health Insurance Program
Child Support Services
Child Welfare Services
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Services
Children - Disability/Chronically Ill
Children - Special Health Care Needs
Children, Youth & Families
Children's Health Program
Chronic Disease Prevention and Screening Section
Claremont District Office
Climate and Health Program
Collection and Billing Services

Commissioner's Office
Commodity Supplemental Food Program
Communicable Disease Control & Surveillance
Communications Office
Community & Family Health
Community & Public Health
Community Based Care
Community Health Development
Community Mental Health Services
Community Programs - Juvenile Justice
Complaint Resolution - Client or Employee
Concord District Office
Congregate Care- Seniors & Adults
Controlled Substances
Controllers Office
Conway District Office
Counseling Services
CSD Medical Assistance - Child Severely Disabled
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Dairy Sanitation Inspection & Licensing
Day Care Licensing
Day Care Programs
Death Data Analysis
Dental Services
Developmental Services
Diabetes Education Program
Disabled Adults Services
Disabled Child Medical Assistance
Disabled, Blind & Seniors Cash Programs
Disease Control
Domestic Violence
Drug & Alcohol Testing
Drug Discount Program - Seniors
Drug Abuse
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EAP - Employee Assistance Program
Early Childhood Education Programs
Early Childhood Education Programs - Licensing
EBT - Electronic Benefits Transfer
Eastern Equine Enchephalitis-EEE
Elderly & Adult Services
Eligibility - Cash, Food Stamps, Medical Assistance
Emergency Assistance - Utility, Fuel, Deposits, Rent
Emergency Medical Treatment for Non-Citizens
Emergency Services Unit
Emergency Shelter - Housing Services
Employee Assistance Program
Employment & Training Services
Employment Opportunities
Environmental Testing
Estate Recoveries

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Fair Hearings - Appeals - Grievances
Family & Community Health
Family Assistance Programs
Family Caregivers - Seniors & Adults
Family Day Care Licensing
Family Planning
Family Support - Disability
Financial Assistance
Flu, see also Influenza
Food Protection
Food Stamp Program
Foster Care - Adoption
Fraud Investigations
Fuel Assistance - Heating
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Glencliff Home
Governor's Commission on Alcohol & Drug Abuse
Grievance - Nursing Homes - Long-Term Care Ombudsman
Grievances - Appeals - Fair Hearings
Grocery Store Inspection & Licensing
Group Home Licensing
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H7N9, Avian Flu
HC-CSD - Home Care - Child Severely Disabled

Health Alert Network, NH
Health Care - Special Health Care Needs
Health Facility Licensing
Health Information Exchange
Health Insurance Premium Program (HIPP)
Health Officer Liaison Unit
Health Promotion & Nutrition (Nutrition and Physical Activity)
Health Services Planning & Review
Health Statistics & Data Management
Healthy Child Care NH Program
Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Prevention
Healthy New Hampshire 2010
Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention
Heating - Fuel Assistance
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis C
HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus Prevention
Home Health Care, Hospice Provider & Homemaker Licensing
Homeless - Housing Services
Hospital Data Analysis
Human Resources

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Immunization Program
In & Out Medical Assistance
Infectious Diseases
Injury Prevention Program
Institutional Services - Juvenile Justice
Insurance Premium Payment - Medicare
Internal Audits
Interstate Child Support Enforcement
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Job Opportunities
Juvenile Justice Community Programs
Juvenile Justice - Institutional Services
Juvenile Justice Services
Juvenile Justice - Probation & Parole
Juvenile Justice - Residential & Non-Residential Services
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Katie Beckett Services
Keene District Office
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Laboratory Services Certification & Licensing
Laboratory Testing - Public Health
Laconia District Office
Lead Poisoning Prevention Services
Licensing & Regulative Services
Licensing - Radiological Health
Littleton District Office
Long Term Care Ombudsman
Lyme Disease
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Mammogram Services
Manchester District Office
Massage Practitioner - Establishment Licensing
Maternal & Child Health
MEAD - Medicaid for Employed Adults with Disabilities
Meals on Wheels
Meaningful Use in the Division of Public Health Services
Mediation & Visitation Services - Child Support
Medicaid Billing
Medicaid Business & Policy
Medicaid Electronic Health Record Incentive Program
Medicaid Program - Title XIX
Medicaid Provider Information
Medical Assistance Eligibility
Medical Facility Licensing
Medical Marijuana, Therapeutic Use of Cannabis Program
Medical Services - Severely Disabled Children (CSD)
Medicare Beneficiaries Savings - Part A & B Buy-In
Mental Health
Microbiology Testing
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)
Milk & Dairy Inspection & Licensing

Minority Health

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Nashua District Office
Newborn Screening Program
NH Comprehensive Cancer Control Program
NH EASY Online Application System

NH Health Alert Network
NHEP - New Hampshire Employment Program
NHH - New Hampshire Hospital
Non-Residential Services - Juvenile Justice
Nursery School Licensing
Nursing Home Care
Nutrition and Physical Activity
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OAA - Old Age Assistance
Obesity Prevention
Occupational Health Surveillance
Office of Improvement & Integrity

Ombudsman - Long-Term Care
Ombudsman Office
Online Application System, NH EASY
Oral Health Program
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Past Due Utilities - Mortgage - Rent Assistance
Paternity Establishment
PBM - Pharmacy Benefit Management - Medicaid
Portsmouth District Office (see Seacoast District Office)
PRAMS - Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System
Pregnant Women Medical Assistance

Prenatal Program
Preschool Program Licensing
Preschool Vision & Hearing Screening Program
Prescription Drug Assistance
Primary Care & Rural Health
Prior Authorization of Diagnostic Imaging Services
Privacy Protection - HIPAA
Probation & Parole - Juvenile Justice
Program Operations
Psychiatric Hospital
Psychiatric Hospital Licensing
Public Information Office
Public Health
Public Health Laboratories
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QDWI - Qualified Disabled Working Individual
QMB - Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries
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Radiological Health
Refugee Cash Assistance
Refugee Medical Assistance
Refugee Program
Regional Public Health Networks and Advisory Councils
Regulative & Licensing Services
Rent - Utilities - Mortgage Assistance - Past Due
Reportable Disease Surveillance
Residential Care - Seniors & Adults
Residential Services - Juvenile Justice
Resource Guide for Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Treatment Services
RFP - Request for Proposal
Rochester District Office
Rulemaking - Administrative
Rural Health & Primary Care
Ryan White Care Program

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Salt Reduction
Scholarships & Subsidies - Child Care
Seacoast District Office
Seasonal Influenza
Second Hand Smoke
Security Deposit Assistance

Self-Sufficiency Programs & Services
Senior Programs & Services
Seniors, Disabled & Blind Cash Programs
Severely Disabled Children Medical Services
Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention
Shellfish Inspection & Licensing
Shelter Care Programs - Juvenile Justice
Shelter - Housing Services
SIDS - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
SLMB - Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries
Small Claims
Special Investigations
Special Medical Services - Children
Spenddown Medical Assistance Program
State Committee on Aging (SCOA)
State Supplemental Programs for Disabled-Blind-Seniors
Stroke Prevention
Substance Abuse

Suicide Prevention

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TANF - Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
Tattoo Practitioner-Establishment Licensing
TB - Tuberculosis Control & Surveillance
Teens - Disability
Therapeutic Use of Cannabis Program
Title XIX Medicaid Program
Title XX Day Care Programs
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Utilities Deposit - Overdue Bill Assistance
Vback to top
Vaccination Program
Vaccine Preventable Disease Control
Visitation & Mediation Services - Child Support
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Welfare Fraud Investigations
Welfare Programs
West Nile Virus-WNV
WIC - Women, Infants & Children Nutrition Services
Women's Health Exam Services
World TB Day

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YDSU - Youth Detention Services Unit
YSC - Youth Services Center
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